Linda Coulter paints scenes filled with radiant light and soft romantic colors to inspire your day and make you happy!  You can learn how to paint like this.  Browse our website to discover your options.  Enjoy!

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The NEW Coulter Grisaille 101 ... Set of 4 DVDs - Product Image
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The NEW Coulter Grisaille 101 ... Set of 4 DVDs

Explore the concepts, tools and painting techniques of Coulter Grisaille art style, and discover the ease of translucent color glazing when you watch these 4 DVDs. 

Coulter Grisaille™ Landscape Techniques featured in these DVDs.

How to effectively load each type of paint brush

Easy brushwork techniques, demonstrations of what each brush can do

Understanding the grisaille palette

Create soft distant mountains as a backdrop

Paint a glowing sky, preparing for radiant sunlight

Painting translucent water with shadows and highlights

Learn to paint waterfalls and rushing water

How to paint secluded bushes and trees

Painting realistic evergreen trees

Secrets of painting deciduous trees

Painting sunlit grasses and translucent shadows

Curving path with sun spots and cast shadows

Painting rocks along the water’s edge (stream)

How to paint a building

Creating roof structure using 2 point linear perspective

Painting shingles on the roof in perfect perspective

Windows and doors at different angles

Wood board siding

Painting walls of stone

Painting a waterwheel with rushing water

Now comes the translucent color glazing…

Coultermix™ 101

Color Mixing for landscape and architecture

Color Glazing … how to apply translucent colors over grisaille (gray tones)

How to paint the Colors of Atmosphere

How to create a warm glow in the sky

Add soft color to misty mountains in the background

Add color to secluded trees and bushes

Add rich colors to pine trees

Add color to deciduous trees to create distance… How to push them back, or pull them forward.

Add color to rushing water, waterfalls and a water wheel

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