Linda Coulter paints scenes filled with radiant light and soft romantic colors to inspire your day and make you happy!  You can learn how to paint like this.  Browse our website to discover your options.  Enjoy!

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Welcome to Linda Coulter's official store online.  We invite you to browse through our products today for quality art instruction DVDs, art seminars and workshops taught by international artist, Linda Coulter.  Shop here for Linda Coulter's signature paint sets, brush sets, and more!  


Coulter Color Village Program 2018 - Product Image

Coulter Color Village Program 2018

Coulter Color Village Program opens January 3, 2018. Join today! the Program is available to Acrylic Painters or Oil Painters. Choose from the Drop Down Box below.

Membership includes: Color Theory DVDs, Lesson Studies, Group discussions online, Set of 14 tubes Prima Acrylic Colors OR Set of 14 tubes wOils (water mixable oil colors), the Official 50 page CCV Color Chart, and the official Game Board project Instructions.

If this Membership purchase is a Christmas gift for your loved one, you will receive a Gift Certificate before Christmas, and the products will be shipped directly to your loved one before January 3, 2018.

If you have any questions, please call our Order Desk at 309-245-2207.

SKU Number: CCV Program
Price:   $149.00 
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Beginner Winter Scenes ... Home Study - Product Image

Beginner Winter Scenes ... Home Study

Learn to paint winter scenes using Linda Coulter's grisaille method, followed by color glazing and final opaque accents.   

"Snowy Forest" demonstrates the grisaille process which is presented on the art instruction DVD.  This project remains a classic grisaille. 

"Farm Sleigh Scene" and "Winter Hideaway" are taught via traceable pattern, written instructions, and reference photographs. Grisaille painting and color glazing with opaque color accents. 


SKU Number: HSC Beg Snow Scenes
Price:   $35.00 

Red Sleigh - Product Image

Red Sleigh

It's time to paint lovely winter scenes with old fashioned sleighs. You can learn to paint this nostalgic red sleigh via a traceable pattern (includes 4 different sizes) , written instructions, finished grisaille and color photographs, several close up photos, color chart and color mixing instructions, supply list and canvas prepping instructions. 
SKU Number: LTO Red Sleigh
Price:   $17.50 

Rose Christmas Ornaments ... Art DVD Workshop - Product Image

Rose Christmas Ornaments ... Art DVD Workshop

It's time to paint Christmas ornaments!  These beautiful roses are painted first in acrylic grisaille (graytones) on a flat wood ornament 4 inches in diameter.  That's 80% of the total painting process. 

Then color glazes are added over the grisaille to finish them in full color. The color glazes can be wOils (water mixable oil colors ... or acrylic color glazes ... or regular oil color glazes.  The choice is yours!

One rose is filmed from start to finish (2 hours of painting demonstrations).  You can watch Linda Coulter paint every step along the way as she thoroughly explains what she's doing and why she's doing it. 

The other rose is taught with written instructions and step photos.

Both roses have a line drawing pattern, and both patterns are presented in 3 different sizes for your convenience and flexibility.  So that's a total of 6 patterns. 

Included with the Set of Art Instruction DVDs and 6 patterns are 2 wood ornaments, sanded, primed and ready to paint! Plus 2 beautiful full color photographs of the finished rose ornaments.

You can order the Coulter Brush Set and Coulter Grisaille Paint Set if you desire.  Both are pictured here on this page for your easy convenience.

This product will start shipping on November 29, 2017.  Everything is in stock and we're currently prepping the wood ornaments.

This is a Limited Time Offer while supplies last.  Order soon!  

SKU Number: LTO Rose Ornaments
Sale Price:   $59.00  Regular Price: $75.00  
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Poinsettia Design Set - Product Image

Poinsettia Design Set

You'll enjoy painting these festive red poinsettias with Linda Coulter's instructions.  The technique DVD features Linda demonstrating on the larger surface, but the techniques are the same for smaller surfaces, using smaller brushes.  In this Poinsettia Design Set, you'll receive patterns for several different sizes so you can paint these beautiful flowers on artist canvas, bentwood box, wood tray, switchplate, ornaments, and vintage items.  For a Limited Time Only, the Poinsettia Design Set can be purchased at a Special Discount.  Order now!

SKU Number: LTO Poinsettias
Sale Price:   $35.00  Regular Price: $49.00  

Window by the Sea --- Trompe l'oeil Window - Product Image

Window by the Sea --- Trompe l'oeil Window

Paint this beautiful window on a gallery wrap canvas the size of a real window.  Make sure it's at least 1 inch thick.  Hang it on the wall at the appropriate eye level, and watch your guests responce when they enter the room. 

Linda teaches the linear perspective and EASY drawing skills to create this on any size surface.  You'll learn how to pluck the colors from you favorite summer vacation pictures and use them for a special painting you want to create.  There are so many delightful surprises awaiting you in this Trompe l'oeil project.  You'll receive a technique DVD to watch and learn the techniques, and also an illustrated step by step instruction packet that shows you how to do this from start to finish. 

SKU Number: TL Window
Price:   $45.00 

Ready for a Sleigh Ride ... DVD Art Workshop - Product Image

Ready for a Sleigh Ride ... DVD Art Workshop

Limited Time Offer ... DVD Art Workshop ... Paint this beautiful winter scene as you watch 3 hours of Linda's painting demonstrations on DVD. Every step is demonstrated from start to finish.


Complete written and illustrated instructions, traceable pattern in sizes 14 x 18 and 8 x 10, and color palette chart are presented on compact disc. 


This project is painted in Coulter Grisaille style using acrylic grisaille (graytones) which is 80 % of the work.


Beautiful color is then added with transparent color glazes using wOils (water mixable oil colors), or standard oil colors, or acrylic colors (if you use a glazing medium which extends open time). Opaque color accents placed in key areas add the finishing touches to this festive winter sleigh scene. 


You can purchase this DVD Art Workshop WITH or WITHOUT the Coulter Grisaille Paint Set.

SKU Number: DVD Art Workshop
Price:   $49.00 
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The NEW Coulter Grisaille 101 ... Set of 4 DVDs - Product Image

The NEW Coulter Grisaille 101 ... Set of 4 DVDs

Explore the concepts, tools and painting techniques of Coulter Grisaille art style, and discover the ease of translucent color glazing when you watch these 4 DVDs. 

Coulter Grisaille™ Landscape Techniques featured in these DVDs.

How to effectively load each type of paint brush

Easy brushwork techniques, demonstrations of what each brush can do

Understanding the grisaille palette

Create soft distant mountains as a backdrop

Paint a glowing sky, preparing for radiant sunlight

Painting translucent water with shadows and highlights

Learn to paint waterfalls and rushing water

How to paint secluded bushes and trees

Painting realistic evergreen trees

Secrets of painting deciduous trees

Painting sunlit grasses and translucent shadows

Curving path with sun spots and cast shadows

Painting rocks along the water’s edge (stream)

How to paint a building

Creating roof structure using 2 point linear perspective

Painting shingles on the roof in perfect perspective

Windows and doors at different angles

Wood board siding

Painting walls of stone

Painting a waterwheel with rushing water

Now comes the translucent color glazing…

Coultermix™ 101

Color Mixing for landscape and architecture

Color Glazing … how to apply translucent colors over grisaille (gray tones)

How to paint the Colors of Atmosphere

How to create a warm glow in the sky

Add soft color to misty mountains in the background

Add color to secluded trees and bushes

Add rich colors to pine trees

Add color to deciduous trees to create distance… How to push them back, or pull them forward.

Add color to rushing water, waterfalls and a water wheel

SKU Number: LTO Intro Coulter Grisaille
Sale Price:   $45.00  Regular Price: $59.00  

Sweet Valentine Painting Seminar - Product Image

Sweet Valentine Painting Seminar

Come join the fun at the Sweet Valentine Painting Seminar in February.  Learn to paint this beautiful red rose and nibble on hand dipped chocolates to your heart's content.  Canvas size is 20 x 24, or could be painted on 16 x 20.  It's your choice! 

This project is first painted in acrylic Coulter Grisaille, then color glazed with rich beautiful colors of nature.  We'll be using wOils (water mixable oil colors) to apply the color glazes over the grisaille to create a radiant full color art work.

Tuition includes:  paint and painting mediums, a very special brush, the fully prepped surface (artist stretched canvas, gallery wrap), hand painted color chart, traceable pattern and reference photos. 

Choose the date you want to attend from the dropdown box below.  

SKU Number: AS Roses
Price:   $250.00 
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Getting Started with One Point Perspective ... DVD Art Workshop - Product Image

Getting Started with One Point Perspective ... DVD Art Workshop

This Limited Time Offer that teaches Linear Perspective ... drawing ... painting ... understanding the magic of one point perspective, using a string, a small piece of tape, and a brush. 

You'll learn how lines function to create the illusion of depth and space in a landscape, looking through a historic porch to view the Catskills Mountains, and the view from Little Tuscany of a single road lined with Italian Cypress trees. The lectures on this DVD are animated.

Also during this DVD, Linda demonstrates how easy it is to draw this open window with shutters using this EASY Linear Perspective method. You can paint this beach scene, or any scene of your choice as viewed through this open window with shutters.

During the 2nd DVD, you'll watch Linda demonstrate how to paint luminous paths and country roads for 4 different scenes. You'll also receive 4 Instruction Packets that include traceable patterns, reference photos, color charts and written instructions for the Country Scenes.

Also included in this package is the Seaside Window Illustrated Study Book (presented on compact disc) that teaches how to use photographs of real places to create a working palette for the open window beach scene.

You'll also receive the Instruction Packet for Little Tuscany, another project that focuses on One Point Linear Perspective.

The Country Lanes are painted with acrylic colors from start to finish. They could easily be converted to wOils (water mixable oil colors). The Seaside Window and Little Tuscany can be painted with acrylics or wOIls or Oil Paints. Your choice!


SKU Number: LTO One Point Perspective
Sale Price:   $49.00  Regular Price: $78.00  

For more information, contact us at 309-245-2207.





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